“Musk” Natural Deodorant



Natural Creamy Deodorant in “Arabic Musk” scent. Available Sizes: 130 grams and 35 grams. Skin Types: Normal and Sensitive

Misk Natural Deodorant does not block sweat pores allowing your body to sweat naturally, smelling fresh and beautiful all day!

Smelling clean and beautiful definitely boosts confidence and mood, especially with a guilt-free & natural product.

“Musk” is an Arabic scent that combines white musk, light oud and roses, it is so unique and elegant.

Large size (130 grams) is ideal for 3 months of daily use

Small size (35 grams) is ideal for 1 month of daily use

Sensitive skin deodorants are recommended for kids below 12 years old and adults with sensitive skin


Apply a pea sized swap for each armpit using wooden stick (included)

Use once a day or as needed on clean dry skin

exclusively for armpits, shouldn’t be applied elsewhere


Avoid exposing to water, other products, or direct sunlight

Close lid tightly each time

Store in cool and dry place

Usable for 6 months from date of receiving it (always freshly made!)

Effective Ingredients:

Organic unrefined coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, vitamin E, perfume oils

Weight N/A
Skin Type

Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin


130 g, 35 g

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